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History of Tampereen Viinitukku Oy


Finnish alcohol trade had major changes on 1995, when regulations concerning private persons’ rights to import alcohol abroad relieved essentially.

Also during the same year state owned Alko Inc’s monopoly on HoReCa-sector ceased, and it became possible for private persons to establish tax free storages, to import and to supply products to all parties who had licence to serve alcohol. Suddenly need on HoReCa-sector exceeded importers’ ability to supply high quality products to clientele. To this need mr. Jaakko Sinivuori, established our company, Tampereen Viinitukku Oy / Tampere Wine Wholesale Ltd on the spring of year 1995.

In the year 1995 Tampereen Viinitukku Oy employed one person, and there was only few products from two producters. The products were however strategically well chosen and soon selection started to multiply.

In the year 1998 Tampereen Viinitukku employed two persons and the independent sales representatives’ network started to grow, as well as the selection. In just three years company’s size had grown from one person to five, selection had grown from two to 12 producers (60 different products), and the sales had multiplied by hundreds of percentages.

By the millennium company’s size was already 8 persons, and it had grown close to it’s current form. There were dozens of producers and the selection included hundreds of different products all over from Europe, and the company had to move again to larger facilities. On the same year 2000, company started to work more efficient as an agent for example to Alko Inc, major Baltic-sea shipliners’ and all other major Finnish alcohol sellers in Finland.



Present time


Today Tampereen Viinitukku Oy has almost one hundred producers all over the world, including “new world”, and our selection consists of about 700 different products, including alcohol products from all categories from wines to strong spirits; as well as also extra virgin oils. Our clientele includes all the most important restaurants, restaurant chains and hotels in Finland and an independent province of Åland (Ahvenanmaa). We also have a representative in Europe, who takes care all of our connections worldwide.

Though our selection consists various producers from all major wine regions around the globe, we are constantly seeking for new and interesting areas and producers; our main goal is to serve our clientele as well as possible. Today many of the wines, liqueurs and strong spirits what we import are also available through our carefully selected external supplier network as well as through our own direct HoReCa sales.

Our selection has aroused splendid attention and interest among HoReCa-sector and among those who are interested in high quality alcohol products. Our level of service and reliability in delivering is unparalleled. In our opinion the continuing development and maintenance of these areas are the key elements in the operation of our company.

Our activ sales team covers the whole market area and all our products are in our own stock from which we can guarantee delivery within 48 hours across Finland.


With our best regards,


Tampereen Viinitukku Oy, Tampere Wine Wholesale Ltd.